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The Union of the Company visited employees in difficulty at 
Posted:2017-01-09 News source:Dongguan Konka Mould Plastic Co., Ltd

On December 29th, Zha Qunji, chairman of the Union, led and organized leaders of the Union and related departments to visit the four employees in difficulty from Mold Factory, Spraying Plant and the Department of Operation. They gave cordial condolences to the employees and their families, which is the care and warmth from the Union.

In the process of visiting the employees, Chairman Zha had cordial conversation with them and asked in detail about their physical status, life living and work situation. Zha showed great respects and recognition in what they had contributed to the company. Besides, she encouraged them to build up confidence and be optimistic towards the future life.

The employees' families were deeply grateful for the care and support of the company's union. As for the employees, they promised they would keep on doing a good job in their own work, live up to the company's expectations and take on their responsibility as a qualified worker.

All the way along, leaders of the company have been paying close attention to the lives of staffs in difficulty. They place importance on doing practical things and sending warmth to them. Before the start of the activity, the Union had carried out a thorough investigation on the basic situation of the reported employees, and determined the condolences level according to the causes. The staff files are further improved. It ensures that the care of the Union are sent to every employee in difficulty, so that employees really feel the warmth of our family.