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Konica Minolta Seminar Held in Konka
Posted:2016-12-30 News source:Dongguan Konka Mould Plastic Co., Ltd

On December 26, Konica Minolta Seminar was held in Konka as scheduled. The event was led by Konica Minolta, and Minolta gathered its four injection molding suppliers in South China with the aims to visit, exchange ideas and learn from one another. As the main injection supplier of Minolta, in order to show the bright spot of the company more clearly, leaders of Konka led the staffs from Production Dept, Operation Dept, Quality Dept and Technical Dept to plan, compile the material and carry out the detailed activities one by one. What the leaders and the staffs do was just to ensure the success of the seminar.

Xu Hao, general manager and Xu Yong, deputy general manager, personally involved in the whole activity. And they explained in details the bright spots of our company- assembly efficiency, large-scale two-color technology and so on. The production units of the 5 S management and visual management got recognition and praise from the peers. The impartial evaluation, criticism and recommendations the peers gave was good suggestions for us to gain innovation and development, improve efficiency, reduce costs and so on.

Through this activity, not only can we have a more deep-in understanding into the same industry competitors, but also we can learn different, excellent and advanced styles of management in efficiency, cost control and so on. This is promotion as well as spur for us, and prompts us to make positive changes and innovation, and constantly learn fresh nutrients. Only in this way can we base ourselves on the fierce market environment and find a road of our own.